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| June 29, 2016
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Everyday History

If you woo, win, and walk away, a second chance is going to cost you.

Headstrong Ruben Harper has yet to meet an obstacle he can’t convert to a speed bump. He’s used to getting what he wants from girls, but when he develops a fascination for a man, his wooing skills require an upgrade. After months of persuasion, he scores a dinner date with Henry Normand that morphs into an intense weekend. The unexpected depth of their connection scares Ruben into fleeing.

Shy, cautious Henry, Ruben’s former high school history teacher, suspects he needs a wake-up call, and Ruben appears to be his siren. But when Ruben bolts, Henry is left struggling to find closure. Inspired by his conversations with Ruben, Henry begins to write articles about the memories stored in everyday objects. The articles seduce Ruben with details from their weekend together and trigger feelings too strong to avoid. As Henry’s snowballing fame takes him out of town and further out of touch, Ruben stretches to close the gaps that separate them.

"This is the kind of book that makes me want to be a reader, makes me addicted to stories, and puts me in awe of authors."
–Morningstar, Diverse Reader

"Everything and I mean everything about this story is exceptional. I want to stress how incredible this writing is. It’s so eloquent and beautiful. There was nothing about this book that I did not like. It’s a work of art."
–Amber Curry, Love Bytes

"I started reading this on my way home from work, and I could not put it down. One of the best books I have read this year."
–Karen, Prism Book Alliance

"I’ve never read anything like this book. Alice Archer created a world I got lost in. Archer has a way with words, and with sex. I was impressed, aroused, and inspired. Everyday History is absolutely perfect. I mean that with all my heart."
–Joyfully Jay Reviews

Executive Decision

Alternate-world short story. At work one day, Dar Riley, a dry stone waller resigned to a contract that may kill him, meets Pierre Catalan, owner of a multi-planet transportation empire, a polished, powerful man Dar considers way out of his league.

When the sudden death of Pierre’s father blindsides him, he’s overwhelmed with guilt and lowers his guard to allow Dar closer. Dar steps in with an executive decision of his own that leads to a hijacked comm unit, plenty of dust, and a surprising dose of passion. The resulting clash of wills topples assumptions, reignites long-buried desires, and threatens to alter livelihoods.

"Science fiction isn't all monsters and space ships. Subtle touches make a good story into satisfying sci-fi and Archer knows just how to paint the scenes." –L. S. Tucker

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Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (Anthology)
September 14, 2015


Contemporary novella. For many years, Lee and Reed, now both in their mid-twenties, have been best friends during the bright summer months on British Columbia’s Haro Island. Lee expects this summer to be the same as always – full of freezing swims, long hikes to avoid his parents’ disappointment, and attempts to get Reid to stop working so hard – but Reid’s brother commits a crime that shakes both families to the core.

The fallout exposes secrets, forces decisions, and brings an ultimatum from Lee’s father that pushes the boundaries of Lee and Reid's friendship.

"This story has considerable depth, and it's very much not a common storyline. For me, Inkling is a five-star story. I absolutely loved everything about it." –Beta Reader

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Publisher: M/M Romance Group
August 9, 2015